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Trevor Knight Deals With Mason Wyler LIKE A BOSS!



If you cannot watch this scene on tumblr please use the direct link below. (Please let me know immediately if this or any other video I post is not working by messaging me, which can be done anonymously if preferred ;)

Alright I’m back! I have barely slept and I have a submission due in a few hours so naturally now is the perfect time for a porn review, because if I have to talk about frigging networking for one more second I am going to go spare!

So what have I been up to? thank you for asking, I’ve working, studying, and of course fainting because my corset was to tight… no seriously! And how have you been good people been? hope everyone is as cool as they can be ;)

Anyhoo, I found this little gem which I saw some time back but could never find again, so now I am on it! I have glazed frosted yum yum’s, which I discovered taste great with salt because my house mate bought them, and when I dived in and took one bite I wanted to lick some damn gravel just to get a taste of something savoury it was so flipping sickly sweet! It was almost in self-defence that I milled salt on my palm and licked it and whoa! bliss, the flavour was awesome, my crazy ass housemate then perfected the weirdness by adding a dash of milled pepper because she picked up the pepper mill by mistake trying to add salt to a sweet pasty, and that ladies and germs is why I have a nice plate of salt and peppered yum yum’s… I also have a deadline so let’s get right on with this, because I can’t frigging concentrate until I review it!

I have a thing about hottie’s in suits getting it on with each other, and I love both Trevor Knight and Mason Wyler

We start with Trevor telling Mason that he’s a bad employee and I am not kidding when Trevor leaned over Mason and said “how bad do you need your job” and “you’re going to have to be more persuasive” and told Mason to say the bit about throwing himself on his mercy again I was literally quivering with anticipation…

Trevor actually makes me smile here despite the fangirl quivering because he is really hamming up his performance as the evil Boss!

Trevor grabs Mason by the tie and pulls out “the beast” which is what I have chosen to name his monster cock… what? I have seen a few of Trevor’s videos okay and it’s a fair assessment!

Trevor’s deep voice is a perfect backing track of filthy words as he orders Mason onto his knees with his hands above his head and just does dirty things to him and calls him “little boy” which is just plain filthy and MEEE LIKEEE!!!

Trevor’s cock is so damn long and big he can walk backwards while being sucked and have Mason follow on his hands and knees while keeping it in his mouth THIS IS TALENT PEOPLE! THAT IS COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN PORN, it just makes me emotional to see people taking such pride in their craft, I am just saying!

I also love how Mason is about the only porn star I know who lets his co-stars call him by his real name, Trevor and other co-stars just seem to love shouting, “come on Mason” “take it Mason” and I personally just think it’s super damn hot

This ladies and germs is a blow-job scene worthy of a porn Oscar, which it may have won and deservedly so! this is office antics at it’s finest… I’m telling you people ;)

Trevor’s cock is just so damn big, you have to admire Masons attempts to deep throat, I mean he is not living in fear, he is just going at that thing like it owes him a week’s wages! in this economy- you go boy, handle that thing!

Trevor shows just the right amount of dirty appreciation for Mason’s good work, and stays rock hard throughout, why do I mention that, well I have noticed that monster cocks can sometimes take too much effort to stay completely hard, and when they are novelty sized sometimes they can’t stay that hard at all even with Viagra, in other words there is such a thing as too big, when it gets to those sizes leave it to the professionals I say!

actually never seen Trevor suck a cock or rim anyone in all the scenes I have seen him in, so I was quite surprised by that, but Mason is so damn cute maybe he just couldn’t resist playing with him and who can blame him

Mason is just spread out on the table for Trevor’s pleasure moaning and groaning as Trevor is going to town on him and liking it! Thor’s Hammer this is hot! I just frigging love the way Trevor is growling and all the dirty sucking noises

Okay Trevor has got that ass more than ready for him, but I think he used way to much lube so he could pound that thing!

I have to say I have never heard Mason sounding quite so helpless before, and I have seen him take a cock this size before (Raphael Alancar monster cock and beast topper extraordinaire) I have seen him take on not 1, not 2, but 8 frigging guys on a farm reverse cowgirl style (in the famous 8 poles one hole video) and take it like a champ! I was so impressed it inspired me to write a damn story about a captive prince and a barbarian warlord general, and a evil pirate king I kid you not, and I have seen him take possibly the biggest cock I have ever seen in my damn life in some crazy feature length porn film he made with the famous (perfect ass) Brent Corrigan. Granted he looked stoned when he took that thing and who can blame him how else would he take it without 3-4 bong loads of the premium grade Jamaican weed!

Anyhoo, I am just saying I have seen Mason drilled before, but Trevor good people is no ordinary top, HE’S THE BOSS, and when he drills a twink they like it! Just look at the scene I posted and reviewed with Trevor Knight and Guy Parker, he drilled that boy until he was whimpering, until he was crying, until he shot his load early because it was just too damn good… and I may have collapsed in puddle of porn-feels bought on after an overload of fangirl hysteria! I REGERT NOTHING!

Trevor is just owning that ass as only he can and I think the fadeouts are because Poor Mason is about to come I mean can you hear him, can you see the look on his face! (Anyone who has seen the movie he did with Corrigan can attest to the fact that he’s not exactly Kevin Spacey with the acting!)

Damn mason looks cute and hot with that tie in his mouth (My Smith and Wesson fanfic addresses the issues of ties used to restrain Dean, or gag him quite nicely!) and oh ye heathen gads, did you see that?! My personal fangirl kryptonite! Trevor starts mouthing kisses on the side of Mason’s face and nibbling his ear and kissing him while fucking him and holy fuck I just love the way Trevor says “come here” I may have stolen that for a fan fiction, and who can blame me?!

Oh… my…. goddess do you see this? Trevor is just nailing Mason over that table and Mason is moaning like he is going to die, Trevor is not taking it easy on him anymore, he’s just pounding the hell out him, and saying “you little fucking boy” and now he’s just showing off I mean look hands free and it’s still on target LIKE A BOSS!

Trevor then decides to lay Mason out on the table and come all over his face, proving that his cock is about the length of Mason’s face as he shows us come classic domination techniques, I mean it’s how to school your twink 101 up in here! and Mason just sticks out his tongue like a good boy should and licks him clean.

Mason has to force a climax out because he’s clearly already come, (probably more than once) but he and his poor exhausted cock do their best, but to no avail as “Evil Boss” Trevor then fires poor little twink Mason and throws his shirt after him, hilarious, but also a good opportunity for a sequel where Mason has to be even more submissive and throw himself on Trevor’s mercy even more! Yeah… that should seriously happen!

Curiobi ;)

Legal Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or video posted, all video and images are the property of their copyright holders, no copyright infringement is intended, and absolutely no profit is being made, the posts are a fractional percentage of each company’s annual output and their use is intended for entertainment purposes only and to draw attention and interest to the names and brands, basically it’s a little harmless fangirling over a few vids, would everyone please calm down already! Please support the studios by purchasing official releases.

Aiden Just owns Bradleys Ass


Porn house: the Mighty litigious Corbin Fisher

If you cannot watch this scene on tumblr please use the direct link below. (Please let me know immediately if this or any other video I post is not working by messaging me, which can be done anonymously if preferred ;)

It’s the twee hours, I have class in the morning, but someone just Uploaded this and I am all over it

There will be no eating… sadly, even though come to think of it I’m kinda hungry… okay maybe a few sweet biscuits… and little cream for dipping…. Oh wait I’ve been so engrossed in my damn Database final I forgot I have trifle… FORGOT I HAVE TRIFLE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK… wow I really have been working to hard…

Going to right some wrongs people…

Alright I’m back, duvet check, Hot CF gay porn check, trifle, CHECK… all is once again right in my world…

Okay play so we start with Aiden who is a legend, and Bradley who has never made an impression on me, they are in the park throwing a baseball at each other, Aiden is in fine shape and this Bradley looks a bit uncoordinated compared to Aiden who is just on fine form, they start talking in metaphors for some reason and then thankfully take it inside where they can get naked

Now admittedly this Bradley isn’t my type at all in that he’s not a uber pretty boy who you just want to see sensuously ravaged, but pickings have been slim as we all know people and he’s relatively cute in a dorkey kind of way, in short he’ll do

Now these two are making out such as would please, look at Aiden all muscle and jock and model pants and Bradleys all scrawny and boxers, it’s the jock and the nerd thing and you know what I’m okay with that

Bradley seems to think he has a sweet ass… hmmm it wil do but Aiden’s ass is the well shaped driving force behind a monster cock and speaking of which can this Bradley handle it? we shall see

Bradley actually makes pretty hot sex faces and he’s sweating already, he’s into it, and with Aiden the legend who wouldn’t be… look I’ve got trifle people, that doesn’t mix with hairy ass rimming so I’m ignoring that for a bit in favour of- wow Aiden got Bradley hard in 0 seconds flat that’s talent people!  

Aiden says ‘getting it nice and wet to shove my dick in there’ okay it’s wet already Aiden can we move on! Oh holy fuck did you see what Aiden just did with his tongue, he’s still doing it, AND I’m NOT JEALOUS just because I work and study all the time and I’m neglected, NOT JEALOUS AT ALL!  >;\

Hmmm, I see Aiden’s penchant for sunbathing nude, (notice how he never ever has tan lines, even when he was six shades darker recently) may have got him in trouble this time, he’s pealing in the most sensitive areas and that has to hurt like a bitch!

You would never know for the way he’s giving it to cute nerd, all that kissing and fucking, I’m swooning into my trifle people!

… Aiden’s taking it easy on him… then again maybe he’s taking it easy on himself with a recovering cock and all… Wow this Bradley is LOUD, I LIKE It!!…   

Aiden holds that cute nerds legs wide apart and drills him, while he moans and groans and wow, look at that position change, that has to be hard to take from a cock that sixe, Bradleys face confirms that it hurts more than it tickles… but he wants to take it judging by his moans

Aiden is just drilling Bradley to death right now, oh man, he’s destroyed that hole until it’s gaping, and it just couldn’t sound dirtier as Aiden keeps removing it completely then plunging it in all the way, HOLY HAMMER OF THOR this is so fucking hot

This Bradleys stock has just gone way way up in my book and goddamit I got cream on the keyboard, it was on the side to the bowl and got on my fingers… they’re a hot sticky mess, my keyboards covered in cream, this is madness people!

And Aiden is just dominating, I mean asoasedgp[jagfmklasfasdasgaseolergoasdgf squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And Aiden can’t take it anymore than I can take watching it, I mean he came before Bradley, he made a mess out of that destroyed red gaping hole then plunged all the way back in, and drilled him so more, now that’s how you own an ass people, he’s Aiden the legend so even after he comes he just keeps on drilling him, he’s going to make him come so fucking hard you just know it, Bradley goes quiet as it’s building then starts shouting that he’s going to come, and he boy does he, like I said hard

Hold the phone, that was a short scene… okay they say they’re going to the shower, and really Aiden is that the way you wash someone, your just feeling him up admit it, making out in the shower, are these people trying to kill me with squees

No way, can I be so lucky as to have this, two guys in the shower, the water oh ye gads, anyone who’s read my smith and Wesson fanfiction knows what that kind of thing does to me… oh damn their really going for it

Oh wow Aiden’s all bossy today ordering cute nerd to turn around and suck his dick, and he’s so obedient he does until Aiden comes so good and hard, and Bradley sucks him clean without a whimper, what a good little nerd!

And that’s the best, nay, the only way to shower my good people! Well I’m wrecked, I saw, I squeed, I ate trifle! My keyboard is a mess because I kept going with the review when I should have stopped to clean it, (I’m going to have to do it before bed!) and the chemistry level between those two was off the chard, I mean ridiculous! Well it’s hard to get any CF these days, and Aiden is one of my all time favourites so I’m so happy I got to see this! we all know it will be down fast, so watch it quick people!

 Okay I need to lie down now… I’m week from squeeing so hard

 Fangirl down people!!!!

 Curiobi ;)

The Porn Mail

hey, sorry i’ve been AWOL i am curruntly up to my ass in assignments and resubs… but as you know the only way i can useually get through that is with a quick review, thankyou to everyone who has been sending me mail with awesome links and I am so sorry I have not had the chance to review and or post, its just work, study, bills, family, trying to find a spare second to write, then oh did i mention bills?! I am sitting here like an old lady with a blanket around my shoulders at the moment because it is currently freezing in London and the -making billions in profit- Gas company put the price up AGAIN!!

Oh well this is why we study so hard so we can create the ultimate technical marvel and make -Dr Evil Laugh- 1 Million Dollors mwah har har har har mwah har har … sigh that really was a lot more mony when the film first came out ;/

in other news, Sean Cody have really and I mean really upped thier game of late, and since they are far less litigious I will be focusing more on them, Yes I love the CF boys, but what use is that when you never get to see them, and when you do posting and reviewing comes with a side of litigious death!


Legal Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or video posted, all video and images are the property of their copyright holders, no copyright infringement is intended, and absolutely no profit is being made, the posts are a fractional percentage of each company’s annual output and their use is intended for entertainment purposes only and to draw attention and interest to the names and brands, basically it’s a little harmless fangirling over a few vids, would everyone please calm down already! Please support the studios by purchasing official releases.




Porn house: I have no idea!

If you cannot watch this scene on tumblr please use the direct link below. (Please let me know immediately if this or any other video I post is not working by messaging me, which can be done anonymously if preferred ;)—gay-porn-gays-gay-cumshots-swallow-stud-hunk.html

Yeah, yeah I know, I am supposed to be doing my assignment! Well I submitted two, two to go, feedback on Wednesday and I have barely started! I can’t do another thing about frigging information systems right now, so it’s porn time, and have I got something for you!!!

This movie is a cult classic, it’s the gay version of twilight, and it’s super hard to find, no pun intended.

So please get ready for some spectacularly bad acting by some of the cast, some very red syrup looking blood (because it is red syrup!) some poor guys trying to give blow jobs with fake fangs in! worth the price of the dvd alone!!

The guy they got to play “Edward” is actually pretty damn good at being a weird looking vampire with issues, and the guy they got to play ‘Bella’ is suitably annoying, and plays the damsel in distress bit to the hilt

“guys like me, I’m not as helpless as you think” pretty hilarious dialogue!

Now there are some things I’m not crazy about here, for one thing I like pretty pretty jock looking hotties, like cf, but we have pale emaciated twinks here, and sometimes there a little to free with the red syrup in places… but anyhoo, for pure hilarity,

Dreams of running through the snow to emo music, then fucking like animals, pointless club scenes… then fucking like animals… bizarre yet hilarious conversations and then you guessed it… fucking like animals

I’ve had WAYYYYYY to much sugar today, but I’m still going to have more because I’m watching this. and as you all know, curiobi aint watching no porn without food

No eaty desert no writy review!

And can I just say, I saw pattinson or Patterson or whatever his name is in this salvadore dali film where he was totally making out with some hot guy and it was pretty damn hot, more chemistry than he had with what’s-her-face at any rate!  I mean I didn’t realise it was him at first without the ginger buffount hair and the crazy eyes like he had on the movie posters, I had no idea it was him for a while then I was like… hmmm I swear I’ve seen that guy before!

…. Okay got a nice wrap now, ham sautéed in a little butter until it’s crispy then right at the end throw in the tomatoes and lettuce to take the fridge chill in add a little mayo and seasonings and throw it all in a nicley toasted wrap, yeah. And if I happen to have a little trifle and half a toffee crisp for desert then all the better!

Play… hmm some of the guys in this vid are just plain weird looking, and it’s so long I’m not afraid to skip… ha ha, Edmond and Bela pronounced beela are just hilarious, and have about as much chemistry as their hetro counterparts, which is to say none, however that may be deliberate, because I have seen clips of this movie a plenty since it was released a few years back, and that “edmound/Edward” guy has insane chemistry with another member of the cast.. just like how what’s-her-face in the movie had more chemistry in the movie posters, with that tanned buff launter dude, although that’s nothing and I do mean NOTHING, compared to the chemistry that launter dude and pattinson or Patterson or whatever had together, I saw some shots of them messing around with each other on photo shoots and I was like… well hot frigging damn, why didn t they just make the movie about these two it would have been way hotter, you know, pale emo vamp with issues, has undeniable passion for swarthy beautiful warewolf! Oh well, I hear Netflix has attempted something to that effect!

… this film clearly didn’t have the budget for cg bite marks… or cg of any kind, so blood just flows miraculously from skin that has not so much as been grazed yet alone punctured, but at least they actually have fangs, which is more than I can say… wait, what the actual fuck! Were at the obligatory “how I became a vamp scene” and he is pretty much reading it straight of the page, it may be some of the worst acting I’ve ever heard!! But that’s okay because it’s damn funny… hmm by this reckoning, “Edmond” is banging the “carlise” character or whatever his name was, you know the hot one player by peter hottie vermicheli, well he can hardly be blamed for that, he’s so damn hot… wait he killed him, why is he calling him egan? Instead of something that sounds more like carlise?… Nevermind, oh it’s Billa…. Laughing so damn hard right now!

‘Edmound you have to understand this is far beyond my comprehension”

Oh boy! This is just priceless, how the fuck did this not win an Oscar? This is movie is a national treasure people!!!

Finally we get down to this scene, why is it a different guy than the billa actor? Who knows, who cares this chemistry is way better, this scene really did the rounds a few years back so I’ve seen it before, time to nom, nom, nom and watch, ooh yeah!

You know I think this scene is actually supposed to be a flash back that’s why it’s shot like that, but even if it wasn’t I have nothing against porn without plot in a plot based movie! Not a damn thing against it!!  ;)

( It’s about 1 hour and 20 mins in if your lost at this point!) I don’t know why I like this scene, the music sounds like it got stolen from lord of the rings, the combination of over-exposure and flickering is… weird, like -am I watching a chaplin movie in colour, with a damn site more cock then were used to?- weird, and the Edmond guy actor actually looks high at the end, but you know what, you can not say that he does not school that twink, who is simply not a good enough actor to be acting, in other words even with the fake teeth and possibly being stoned out of his mind, he made him like it! now that’s talent people!  The scene could have ended better than the ironically anti climatic double jerk off scene, but I think they look hot kissing, (I’m pretty sure they took out the teeth for that!)… oh so it was a flash back scene… well that makes a little bit more sense!

Oh what fresh madness is this, whose that guy? Oh look it’s that egan guy, he’s not dead… and that other dude he’s a liar…. Oohhh girl! (and a pretty bad actor!) ummm, so did that egan guy just kill that… wait do we even know that guys name?!! oh well… who cares, look it’s the ‘love scene’ between Edmond and Billa, and what do you know it’s as weirdly uncomfortable as the one their hetro counterparts had in the movie (I saw the clip… I cringed so hard, I almost snapped something!)

This is not working for me at all… that Egan (carlise) dude is still alive right? he needs to come and get his man back from that no good billa girl *snaps fingers all sassy like*

..yes we get it Billa you can suck a cock, marvellous, gold star for you, now can we move this along. …. My days would it kill them to figging feed these guys? He looked way better with that egan actor dude… oh hell am I otp’g porn stars again, because that has got to stop!… or does it…

Right I’m slashing the other two, don’t judge me… or do, it won’t stop me ;)

See the Billa actor isn’t even hard, the Egan actor was hard the entire time, I’m just saying.

Yawn… it’s toffee crisp time, thank goodness for saturated fats!.. which I don’t know if chocolate actually has because it’s not fried… damn I wish I had a deep fat fryer right now….

Excuse me but that Edmond actor guy has a cock long enough to use as a ruler to measure other cocks with, that can’t be comfortable especially at that weird side ways angle!

Seriously, they aint got a damn kfc anywhere near the studio, mac donalds? Chucky cheese? This is ridiculous! (wait is chucky cheese for kids, I’m British we don’t have that food place here!) never mind they can go in anyway I’m sure the staff will take pity on starving young men and give them food for free

Well screw this, where’s the egan dude? Wait he’s not getting his man back FUCK THIS I DEMAND A SEQUAL, oh look outtakes!

They seem to be having fun, that nice to see!

Well I had a good laugh watching this movie, I hope you did to… now I really have to get back to my blasted assignment…. Sigh

well, someone actually made a gay version of twilight and frankly it’s worth watching just for that!

Curiobi ;)

The porn report

this is so typical! so people are sending me links kindly, and I joined a (possibly) dodgy Russian website to get access to some of the links, and then I find out in class that half term is smack dab in the middle of submissions meaning that we won’t get the right amount of feedback time and I realised we were uber screwed, I have 4 assignments due by monday for feedback, I am so off the grid for a couple of days ;) but since I found that site I do have quite a lot of stuff to review for you, I mean some choice hottie on hottie action, thank you to the two wonderful people who sent me links! will review and give them their props in a few days! wish me luck ;)


naturally the second I tried to review something all the cf stuff got taken down, and then I realised its a russian site, they way that dick putin is carrying on at the moment they probably had all their members remove their posts! anyway screw them, I closed the account immediately!

what a waste of time!


Anonymous asked:

have you seen a gay porn video where the two guys are like so in love with each other? it's like a behind the scenes thing and it's super cute and they keep sneaking off together. i'm trying to find it!

hi, no I haven’t seen that video, but if you want a story about porn stars in love, I just so happen to have written one about Corbin Fishers Chandler and Kent! (yes shameless story promotion I know) heres the link,

please leave kudos or comment if you like what you read! ;) also if you find a link to the video you’re telling me about please let me know, and if its hot I will be happy to review it!


Legal Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or video posted, all video and images are the property of their copyright holders, no copyright infringement is intended, and absolutely no profit is being made, the posts are a fractional percentage of each company’s annual output and their use is intended for entertainment purposes only and to draw attention and interest to the names and brands, basically it’s a little harmless fangirling over a few vids, would everyone please calm down already! Please support the studios by purchasing official releases.



Special thanks: Again a big thank you to theboywhorunswithwolves for sending me this link.

Porn house: The mighty (yet extremely litigious) Corbin Fisher

If you cannot watch this scene on tumblr please use the direct link below. (watch it while it’s up people these things now come down faster than Kent’s underpants when Chandler’s around! ;)

Okay so I never thought I would say this but fuck the trifle lets get on with it!! okay I take it back, oh sweet precious trifle, but since the last video I reviewed got taken down WHILE I WAS REVIEWING IT, I’m taking no chances, I’m live reviewing this and posting it right away!

Go. Kent and Kellen are watching some video of Kellen playing water polo I think, and then he’s making out with someone but they’re not showing us the video, okay they’re showing it now but I can’t tell who it is in the video with Kellen.

Kent suddenly drops the frigging hammer! or in this case the cushion behind the sofa, which is pretty much code for, we won’t be needing this in the way when we fuck! And nowKent is hitting on Kellen! hmmm, I think I like predator Kent… it’s two frigging cute!

Finally Kent and Kellen start making out, with the video playing in the background, Kent pauses the video, which works for me because I have no idea who Kellen’s supposed to be with and it was just distracting, and fuck this is hot, that’s making out like it should be… great squees of fire, that’s it yeah, you make out with that hottie Kellen. (But just remember that he’s married to someone else ;)

Kellen is hard and Kent wants to suck him, you know I have to say Kent’s come a long way from the twink Travis all but destroyed in his first CF video, he could barely suck a cock back then, but would you look at him now!

Kent says ‘you’re so fucking hard’ then goes to town blowing Kellen, and rubbing Kellen’s cock all over his face.

More epic making out, I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!  Mac-eth on that hottie, most ferocious I say!

Hmmm, Kent has become quite the talker it seems… and why not!

Kellen is  blowing Kent and wait… is Kent fingering his own ass! He clearly wants it bad, and look at Kellen taking the entire cock like a pro, dedication people, that’s what I like to see!

Mutual cocksucking now, and frankly Kent is just showing off his mad skills… and why not! Kellen is less flashy about it, but it has to be said they are both going to town on each other, and it’s always so freaking hot when the performers are into it!

Fuck! I’m starving, I mean yes I ate a trifle in the last review, but that was written hours ago even if I just posted it, and besides it’s sugar, one of your basic food groups to be sure, but it’s not dinner is it….

Kent is whimpering and Kellen is getting Kent’s little hole ready, and since Kellen doesn’t have a monster cock like Chandler he can get it in without killing Kent half to death, but he still has to take it easy at first.

Kent’s been topping a lot of late as I understand it, so I think this is the first time he’s bottomed in a while, and wow, he’s seriously bossy now, ordering Kellen to look at him while he’s fucking him, and Kent’s become a talker as well… I think Dru -the bossiest at CF- and Chandler -the nosiest dirty talker- (and Kent’s husband) have seriously corrupted Kent!

Wait did Kent just say to Kellen, ‘you better fuck me better than Scott’ (who the fuck is Scott?, does he mean that dude from teen wolf… now that would be hot) well, I think it’s official people, the littlest twink that could has turned into a beast!

Kent gets on top of Kellen, and starts riding him saying “right there”, just like Chandler says it… (Well if he can’t copy his own husband who can he copy?!) And would you look at Kent grabbing Kellen by the throat and riding him!

(I’m not hating on Kellen, he’s cute, and I loved his scene with Blake which I posted and reviewed, but I think it’s clear that we need Chandler on the case here I’m just not sure Kellen’s up to dealing with the new savage little kent!)

Kellen might be topping technically, but Kent is the one making Kellen his bitch!

We have the dreaded porn fade out for some reason, and when we come back, Kent starts fucking the hell out of Kellen even though he’s on top while holding his cock and balls in a vice grip so he doesn’t come, (which is a cleaver trick!) the second he lets go he comes all over Kellen, and Kellen doesn’t last much longer after that.

Okay so that scene was okay and… no I’m too hungry to go on! Look it’s Pavlovian I admit it, but with my porn I need food! So I’m going to make a prawn, avocado, wrap, with sweet gherkins and crispy lettuce! … or should have creamy coconut chicken with rice and lime…. Hmmm what’s a fan girl to do?!

If the video is still up five freaking minutes from now when I’m eating my wrap, I will watch the scene again and re-post this review with anything I might have missed while rush- reviewing it!

Alright given it a second look, and I did forget to mention how much I loved the bit where after throwing the cushion away Kent offers Kellen popcorn and then puts his hand on his thigh and starts feeling him up! Predator Kent, I’m telling you, to damn cute!

Curiobi ;)

I had literally just finished writing this review and the damn video has already been taken down, I’m looking for a link but you know how it is now :(

Harper makes Brayden his bitch!

Special thanks: A big thank you to theboywhorunswithwolves for sending me this link.

Porn house: The mighty (yet extremely litigious) Corbin Fisher

If you cannot watch this scene on tumblr please use the direct link below. (watch it while it’s up people these things now come down faster than Kent’s underpants when Chandler’s around! ;)

So I’ve got this trifle from Sainsbury’s, and it says it’s “less fruity, lashings of custard and jelly” it also has lashings of cream, what I don’t get is this trifle is from the discount basic range, yet it’s full of fresh ingredients and it’s so moreish  I always split it with my house mate or I will eat the entire thing to myself! The full price one has hardly any cream or custard, not that much fruit, is twice the price, and has frigging Raspberry seeds in it… yet people think it’s better just because it costs more! Oh well, a fool and their money! lucky for me I’m no fool, which is why I got two! I’ll split the other one with her and have this one all to myself !! mwahh harr harr harr

Fuck! Just remembered that means more exercise… sigh it really is a vicious circle, eat delicious cake, no fit in pretty outfit, work out, get back into sexy dress, no have time to date…. You know what, I don’t give a fuck, I’m still eating it, I hate dating anyway!

So it’s been a while guys, I’m back, I was actually in Paris for a little bit which was expensive, beautiful, dirty, and filled with extremely rude people, and dangerous drivers, exactly like home sweet overpriced home in London!

Some parts are so like home I kept doing a double take when I saw signs written in French like ‘hey what in the hell possessed some asshat to put signs written in French all over London? Is that supposed to be funny? (The British and The French Detest each other) The situation was made more confusing because I can read French, so since I understood the signs I just kept thinking London had caught some kind of Euro-fever after years of spitting in the European union’s general direction for years.

Also, word of advice, if you ever go to France spend your frigging euro coins before you come back to England not only do our feckless work-shy banks and post offices not change euro coins back to good British currency, they have the cheek to start showing their attitude at the mere mention of Giving me back my fucking money!

Anyhoo, rant over, I have trifle, -oh ye heathen gads yes- sorry just pealing of the film, and you know how all the beautiful cream sticks to it, well that obviously has to be licked… slowly so excuse me!

Right starting the video now…. hmmm, now usually a video that does not involve the hotties kissing and making out is one that has me saying ‘bye’ and closing the laptop, however I can’t help but notice Brayden is on all fours wearing a collar with a leash and Harper is spanking the hell out of his ass with a paddle that has SLUT written on it in big pink letters…. I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.

Now I have only ever seen Harper briefly once before with Chandler, and I certainly don’t remember him being an evil brutal top in that video, but he certainly is here! He actually says to Brayden ‘I’m not just going to make you my bitch, I’m going to make you my fucking whore’.

Well… that’s certainly some big talk! Let’s see if he can back it up with action!

Harper has this evil little chuckle that’s a little disturbing, but even if he sounds like an evil cartoon villain at times he’s not messing about when it comes to that paddle, or when he throws the paddle away and starts spanking the old fashioned way, or when he grabs Brayden by the collar and makes him get on his knees and suck his cock while saying a litany of filthy things to him.

Harper slides in Brayden so easily without lube, that I have to think Brayden is well prepared and by that I mean, Harper’s been destroying that ass before the cameras started rolling, just to get it good and ready… and why not!

Harper detaches the leash from Brayden’s collar and uses it like a bridal SO HE CAN RIDE HIM LIKE HE OWNS HIM.

Harper makes Brayden call him Sir and orders him to say that he loves getting fucked by him, which is so damn hot I don’t know what to tell you!

Harper’s face is a study in brutal topping, and he’s just owning Brayden, who can’t do anything by whimper, Harper says ‘this is masters ass now, you don’t get it back’ and I’m inclined to agree with him! Harper clearly owns that ass now.

Harper throws away the leash, grabs Brayden’s collar, and fucks the hell out of him; then he orders Brayden to sit on his cock and- wait a godamned minute… did Harper just say ‘I’m going to make you love me!!!! :O

Rewind… sits Brayden on cock… fucks him hard… -turn up volume- HAMMER OF THOR! He did say that!! Harper totally said ‘m’ gonna fucking make you love me’.

Well that’s just… wow that’s just… I’m going to need a moment to compose myself fangirls and gentle-men… that may be one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard in my entire life…. *swoon*

I know officially love the awesome person who sent me this link, A THOUSAND BLESSINGS HEEPED UPON THY DOOR!

Wait a goddamned minute… Brayden’s hitting his money shot already?! So early? This isn’t a Sean Cody video! (they often let the bottom shoot when they want to in SC videos and just have the top pound away at them until the requisite 16-21 minutes are up, sometimes the bottom gets to come twice, but the point is, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone but Aiden get to come wherever he wants at Corbin Fisher, and he only gets to because he’s legendary and can pop multiple times in one scene)

Frankly given how Brayden was whimpering non-stop, and his cock was ready-to-come rock hard without being touched once I think it’s fair to say that Brayden was ready to shoot from the beginning of the video and I guess 9 minutes was all he could last!

When we come back Brayden is tied up like a slave, Harper has his finger hooked in the leash attachment of Brayden’s collar and he’s just dominating his mouth, I mean seriously, would you look at that!

Brayden is completely at Harper’s mercy, and Harper starts indulging his obvious foot fetish. (does not make me squee personally but to each his own ;)

Brayden is a whimpering, tied up, dominated, bitch , and Harper finally kisses him, all to briefly, but this fangirl certainly appreciates it!

Harper says ‘fucking love your noises’ as Brayden whimpers, and gasps, and moans, and sobs, as Harper is just drilling him!

Harper clearly can’t take much more of this, and I’m not sure I can either, it’s just too damn hot, I need a cup of tea and a lie down! I’m getting a fangirl hysteria induced nosebleed here people!

Brayden’s toes are curling and he’s an obedient simpering bitch as Harper puts him on his side telling him ‘I love this fucking collar’; then he starts really, and I mean really fucking him hard.

Brayden seems beyond doing anything except taking it and trying to stay conscious at this point, and I think it’s fair to say he has truly been fucked senseless. Harper starts growling ‘you’re gonna make me come boy’ then does just that,  hard, all over Brayden’s ass; then shoves his hard cock back inside fucking his come into him,

Brayden says ‘thank you Sir’, as Harper unties his hands ordering him to stroke his cock, then they start making out, THAT’S THE EXTRA CREAM ON THE TRIFLE PEOPLE. I have no other choice but to faint!

Curiobi ;)

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