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It’s a gayforit embed so just use the direct link

Embedded video from this site never works on tumblr for me, also please let me know immediately if the video link is broken, but please note that this video is not from my collection so I have no control over when it may be taken down, in other words watch it while you can!! Thanks to fakebeachtan and adrenis… for complelty ruining my afternoon!I’m supposed to be writing fanfiction people, not reviewing this confusing porn!! I only have two days left, before I have to go back to damn college, (and it’s possible that maybe I haven’t quite finished my assignment… possibly…) but On the other hand… trey topping is so rare I could not miss this, so thank you!… I think… I’m so torn! (Although I think, it’s pretty clear where my professor will stand if I don’t get that assignment finished by Monday!)

Trey and some guy named Quinn

Wait a minute Trey’s topping?! Trey is topping! Am I seeing things? He’s not just topping he’s dominating! So I know nothing about this scene the link was kindly given to me by fakebeachtan because I had been asked for it by adrenis and I was like, okay I will look but I hope this is not yet another snore-fest with Trey bottoming, so when I disabled the adult filter on myvidster and the screen shot clearly showed Trey topping, I was like HOLD THE PHONE! And I could not click play fast enough,

So I’m live blogging this while watching (good job I can literally type 96 words per minute!… wish my accuracy was 96 instead of 78, but it’s not my fault that mavis beacon bitch gives you all kinds of damn gibberish to type, you let me type what I damn want and I’m closer to 98 words per minute with much higher accuracy… I’m assuming, it’s not my fault there’s no way to measure that?!) but I digress… anyhooo so… oh yeah, goddamit Trey’s topping!!

I’m watching this! the wait, what?! PAUSE this video starts pretty strangely not just because they are already having sex but because it’s filmed as if someone is spying on them… okay I’ll play along,  un-pause

Trey is just being a beast telling this Quinn character to shut up and driving his face into the bed, while banging the hell out of him. Quinn seems to be loving it though and moans his agreement when Trey starts saying ‘you like that’

Hmmm, I never really noticed Trey has a bit of a monster cock thing going on before because he’s practically always got it clasped in his sweaty fist pumping away frantically when he bottoms, (which is all the time)… he has big hands as well… in fact he’s pretty all around big as well as tall…. What’s with all the damn exclusive bottoming?!

I know he said ‘I’ve been railed so many damn times that I actually have an issue with it now’ in the video where he and Aiden both bottomed to Connor and I guess this is him doing something about it!

Shish, Trey is just pounding the hell out of that poor little twink… I’m not that sure it’s hot though, I mean it’s difficult to tell if Trey is really into it because he’s just pounding away without saying anything or moaning…

Trey puts Quinn on top of him, now we have some appreciation out of Trey with an ‘oh that’s so fucking hot’ still it’s just… I mean I’ve seen Trey out of his mind before, and I’ll tell you what that’s something to see, for one thing when Trey really gets going he is so damn loud! Connor is usually the one that does it for him, (he had pretty intense scenes with Aiden and chandler as well, but Connor is the one that he seems to lose it the most with and who can blame him Connor has that whole Greek Adonis vibe going and by Trey’s own admission he loves Connors cock!)

Quinn (who has a cute little mole on his pale backside) it has to be said is acting like he’s having the time of his life despite it seeming as if Trey is hell bent of fucking him into oblivion!

I do not care for the way we didn’t even get any making out and undressing while making out in this vid, what’s with starting it in the middle of sex?! What they couldn’t find batteries for the damn camera before the scene started?! Me no likeee!

We get the dreaded porn fade out, (probably so poor Quinn could go rent himself a new ass after Trey pounded it into retirement!) and we come back, Quinn is still riding Trey and finally a kiss but only one, what the hell is this?! I mean seriously, if hotties do not make out, I for one am not happy!!! Wait what the hell did Trey just say? Rewind he said ‘it’s the first time this has felt this good’ I don’t really know if he’s saying that about himself or telling Quinn how Quinn feels, (which believe me Trey is more than bossy enough to do and I’ve seen him do it before!) in fact I’m not really sure about what’s going on in general… wait a goddamn minute are they flipping it around?

Oh great now I’m watching yet another scene of Trey bottoming… but…well, now we get some enjoyment out of Trey… you know what… I’m the first one to start bitching when they try to make Connor bottom when he obviously hates it (apart from that one legendary time with Aiden, and that one flip scene with Dru) so I’m going to not be a hypocrite and say the same thing for Trey since he clearly likes to bottom, I mean just look at him now he’s moaning and groaning and now there’s lots of kissing, and it’s just an 100% better scene then it was a few moments ago

You hear how that beds squeaking now? it wasn’t before, have they wrecked that thing?!

Trey hits his climax and then flips it back around to start pounding Quinn while he’s still hard (or the while the V lasts, it’s difficult to say) but either way I’m not gonna lie, that’s actually pretty hot, the way he gets Quinn there almost immediately, and I’m pretty damn sure they have wrecked the bed and oh goddamit that’s some hot making out, WHY THE HELL COULDN’T WE HAVE THAT BEFORE?! and Trey is clearly softening so I take back comments about him being on V in this scene and give him a difficulty rating of 9 if not 10, yep defiantly 10, because that means that without being hopped up on V he just came really hard and then stayed hard long enough to bang his scene partner into a really intense orgasm… well ladies and gentlemen Trey’s stock just shot way up in my book and I mean up like into space on that one!

I’m genuinely impressed with what Trey pulled off at the end there and now I’m torn, I just got through saying he should bottom if that’s what he’s good at and that what he likes… and you know what screw this I hate the term bottom, I started in a yaoi background and I’m going back to it, the term- as you fangirls will know- is uke -and yes for you Naruto fans out there it’s a running joke that Sasuke Uchiha has the work Uke in his name given how many fans slash and non slash fans alike view his realtionshop with naruto and even his general preference- but I digress again! long story short I will be using the term uke from now on! the term for a top is seme by the way and I’m happy using either, anyway, I just said he should continue in the role of uke because he clearly seems to respond better to it sexually, but then he goes and tops like a boss… what am I supposed to do with this people?!, Trey has completely confused me…

Oh well. It seems there is nothing else for it, I will, just have to take the scene in again from the beginning, or at least the middle… maybe just open that box of biscuits… can’t have biscuits without ice cream… and a nice cup of something sweet… okay play, nom, nom, nom, sigh… oh it’s a tough life…


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